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60 seconds of RUN

“Run” is by far my favourite video that I’ve created to date. So here’s my favourite 60 seconds of it.



2016 Showreel

I compiled a quick 2016 video of some of my best shots from 2016. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but I’m pretty happy with these ones.

2016 Vlog Showreel

Goodbye 2016 – a small showreel of all my vlogs from 2016 featuring unseen footage for my subscribers. This was a huge editing job I set myself, I had over 200 pieces of footage from the year that I had to look through and condense down and I’m really pleased with the outcome.

Sam Randall Showreel Edit

I was asked to edit a showreel for comedian Sam Randall, who provided me with footage through downloads, and youtube and vimeo links. I downloaded the files and footage and created this showreel with them. I had small complications with audio and video aspect ratios due to them being filmed by someone else (a new concept for me), and took each problem in my stride, researched it, and resolved it. All the while keeping in communication with Sam Randall to let them know what was going on. Overall the result is a snappy showreel and a happy Sam Randall.

Video Postcard – Canary Wharf

Video Postcard from Canary Wharf – whilst on a photography trip to Canary Wharf in London I thought it would be nice to capture the moment in video format. As it was a spur of the moment decision I had no tripod and had to battle against the shaky footage as a result, I used warp stabilzer with some of it, with others I just used really short lengths of footage to try and hide it and keep up a good pace.


“Run” – AWOLNATION, Music Video

“Run” Music Video – was for a project at college. It took six days to shoot and edit the video all together. I’m super proud of this one as it was my first video assignment that I really felt I could create and tell a story, through music and moving image.

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